First school lessons from October 2018

Fanga school Ségou


The Fanga School Ségou is scheduled to open in October 2018. While the village schools are built and funded with the help of local and international partners till the moment the Malian government takes over, the Ségou school will be a private school. Once the building phase is finished, the school will be financially independent: school fees will cover the costs for teachers, staff, school materials and maintenance. The idea is similar to the other Fanga schools: teaching the students both theoretical and practical skills. The workshops in Ségou will be bigger to be able to take on paid orders as well. Money earned there will be put towards the school and to new village projects. Exchanges will be organized between the city and village schools to create a better understanding about the differences between village and city life amongst the students and their families.

One of the machines for the production of bricks

80,000 bricks for the construction of the school

Souleymane Coulibaly, the founder of CRDERMS

Much preliminary work done

Ségou: achieved so far


In the time past Souleymane has put every bit of his money towards the project. Several people and organizations stepped forward to get the project to where it is now:

  • a 10.000 square meters plot was bought
  • the school design was made
  • a well was dug and the solar powered water installation is functional
  • the wall surrounding the plot was started
  • the room for the warden was built
  • the foundation, suitable for the multiple-storey school building, is ready
  • the first batch of firmed-up mud bricks for the construction of the school has been made and is ready to be used



Status quo


Awaiting funds for the construction, work came unexpectedly to a standstill at the Ségou construction site a few weeks ago. And that is a tide we want to turn. Together we can make Souleymane’s dream – to welcome the first Ségou children to their Fanga school in October 2018 – come true!



The next step


Instead of aiming to finish the entire project at once, a three-step plan has been developed, each step involving one storey of the building.
The focus is now on the construction of the ground floor, to be able to get the school started in October. This phase allows to start the school with 120 children divided over 3 classes.

Together for the Fanga idea

Support our association


You can support the school building in Ségou with a donation. We launched a campaign on the platform GoFundMe. Here you will find our campaign. Construction starts as soon as the first donations come in. With your help we can make a miracle happen!