The CRDERMS Ségou has done a great job in education and market gardening over the last 6 years.



In the commune of Saminé, CRDERMS has created a school called Fanga School of Fintiguila. This village has been given 6 classrooms and a training room which the entire municipality of Saminé could use for vocational training of young people to fight against unemployment and migration of young people in their municipality.

The women of this village received assistance from CRDERMS for the construction of a water tower and the irrigation of 2 hectares. Up to day, more than 180 women keep making their living from the exploitation of this water tower. Besides the school infrastructure set up in the commune of Saminé, CRDERMS has helped the Fanga school of Fintiguila to pay the teachers of the school for the last 6 years and every child of this school has received a high level of education, thanks to good teachers. Given the success of the Fanga school and the impact on the children’s lives of the municipality, the mayor of the municipality has submitted an application to the Minister of Education to take charge of the Fanga School and support the programs developed by the coordination.

CRDERMS is currently installing 100 solar panels for the electrification of the Fintiguila student training room. The installation of the 100 panels will go a long way in helping students at Fanga School to learn how to use power tools in their vocational training.

Language teaching – N’Ko is part of the curriculum

Building a school and a workshop

Carpenter training

Project days at Ségou

Agriculture in Touana



The CRDERMS is also involved in the municipality of Sanando in the village of Touana by closing a plot of 5 hectares for women of this village who work to develop intensive organic farming in Sanando municipality. They are facing the problem of animals which cancels out all their efforts year by year. To this day, the construction of the two-hectare fence has begun.

Touana Village Community

Assembly Projects for Ségou



The CRDRMS has a plot of 10.000 square meters in the city of Ségou for the construction of a school complex. CRDERMS appears on the Ségou regional directory.

Segou: view on the Niger bank Ségou


Land planned for the construction of the school

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All these achievements were the result of the good cooperation between the Mali-ka-di association (Belgium), the association Circle of Friends of Kati (Germany), the Verbeke Foundation (Belgium), the Papillon Reizen Agency (Mali), the Aeriane s.a. (Belgium), the association Enfance Tiers Monde (Belgium), the association Bundeswehr hilft Kindern in der Dritten Welt (Germany), Junges Afrika (Germany) and the Soroble Center (Mali). The CRDERMS of Ségou has done a great job in the field of education and market gardening over the last 6 years.

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