The year 2017

Training center in Fintiguila

Building a training workshop for the Fanga School Complex. Start of building: October 2016

A day to celebrate

Inauguration of the new workshop in the village of Fintiguila. New training opportunities for the students of the Fanga School. March 2017

Biological Agriculture

Creating vegetable fields for a school project in Fintiguila. April 2017

Represented on the Internet

October 2017. Launch of the CRDERMS website:

Working with the power of solar energy

Solar panels on the roof of the workshop in Fintiguila. Now the sewing machines in the training room are powered by solar energy. November/December 2017

A big project begins

The construction of the Fanga school in Ségou starts. December 2017

A garden for woman in Touna

The construction of a fencing is finished. The agricultural work can start. December 2017