The roof of the school is finished

Our sincere thanks again to all donators who support our initiative. You help us to build the most beautiful school in Ségou, where children will enjoy learning.

January 2019: The roof of the school is finished. Meanwhile, the work continues. A solar system will be installed on the roof. The technical equipment of the solar system already arrived at the construction area. This project is funded by the „Freundeskreis Kati e.V“ from Erfurt, Germany in cooperation with the German Foundation „Nord-Süd-Brücken“.

Our focus lies also in the development of the school environment. We have finished the work for a fish farm pond and the fencing of the school garden. For the Fanga School we have already started a vegetable garden and we were already able to harvest green beans. It is a test run before the school opens.

Due to the good construction progress, we expect to open the doors of the Fanga School in October.